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Learn about Nursing Expert Witnesses with Apex Health Associates

A photo of Scott Harding-Lister, Director at Apex Health Associates

Apex Health Associates is a specialist medico-legal practice that provides exceptional medical and nursing experts.

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Scott is a distinguished figure in the medico-legal arena, combining his expertise as a nurse and solicitor (non-practising) to enhance standards in healthcare through his role at Apex Health Associates, which he founded in 2013. Leading a team specialising in expert witness services, he scrutinises healthcare practices in legal contexts particularly focusing on clinical negligence and patient safety.

With a background as a senior nurse in the NHS and later as a solicitor, Scott brings a nuanced understanding of the intricacies of patient care and legal responsibilities. His directorships in various companies reflect his broad engagement across the healthcare and business sectors. His work, particularly in addressing complex healthcare issues, plays a crucial role in shaping safer healthcare practices and policies.

For those interested in the medico-legal field, Scott’s career offers valuable insights into the impact of combining healthcare expertise with legal acumen. His contributions continue to influence the realms of patient safety and healthcare standards.

A photo of a surgeon sitting down

Nurses possess a wide array of expertise, which is essential for managing their demanding roles in patient care, medication administration, ward rounds, and support for relatives and colleagues.

This expertise, however, extends beyond the clinical environment. With continuous advancements in clinical techniques, professional regulations, and medical knowledge, nurses maintain and enhance their skills through ongoing training and professional development.

In the UK, the role of a "nurse expert" is integral to legal cases involving medical negligence. Nurse experts apply their considerable experience to evaluate and provide opinions on the treatment and care of the claimant, culminating in the drafting of an expert witness report that serves as a crucial document during legal proceedings.  These reports are vital for articulating professional opinions in a medico-legal context, ensuring accurate and informed evaluations are available during legal proceedings. This requires a distinct skill set, different from the communicative competencies typically associated with nursing, to effectively convey this expertise within a medico-legal context. The expertise of nurse experts in blending medical knowledge with legal requirements is crucial for the accurate assessment and resolution of medico-legal matters.

A photo of a nurse reading a report

It is somewhat unexpected that nurse experts are relatively rare in the UK. Despite many nurses having experience in producing detailed reports within their roles, few have transitioned their expertise into medico-legal services.

The paucity of suitably qualified nurse experts prompted Apex Health Associates to establish a dedicated nurse expert witness service. Our commitment is to ensure that nurses are both experienced and adequately trained to meet our clients' needs.

Our approach is to collaborate exclusively with senior practising nurses, guaranteeing that our nurse experts are not only clinically credible but also proficient in applying evidence-based practice to report preparation.

Recognising that while nurses are adept at utilising their knowledge and judgment in report writing within their everyday roles, many lack specific training in medico-legal report writing. Our clients prefer reports that not only offer expert insight but also demonstrate a comprehension of the legal framework. Therefore, we offer comprehensive training for nurses to craft reports that are both informative and meticulously presented.

We encourage senior nurses from diverse backgrounds to join us and provide training courses annually. Our training programme is meticulously designed to cultivate the medico-legal competencies required for nurse experts.

If you are a nurse interested in exploring opportunities with us, please reach out at


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