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Discover our Excellent Mental Health / Psychiatric Expert Witness – Catherine Chadwick

A photo of Cat Chadwick, a mental health expert at Apex Health Associates

Discover the diverse expertise of Catherine 'Cat' Chadwick, RMN, an experienced mental health nursing expert (Psychiatric Nurse Expert) with experience in a range of clinical settings and legal cases.

William Green, Practice Manager, sat down with Catherine 'Cat' Chadwick, RMN, a leading nurse expert in Mental Health Nursing, to discuss her extensive experience and the breadth of cases she advises on. Cat's perspective is invaluable, bringing a decade of hands-on expertise and teaching to the forefront of Medico-Legal Practice.

Since registering as a Mental Health Nurse, Cat has immersed herself in a broad spectrum of clinical environments, from high-pressure acute inpatient Psychiatric Wards to diverse community Mental Health teams and specialised crisis response units. Her journey includes significant roles in primary and secondary care, intensive home-based treatment teams, and challenging forensic settings, such as secure hospitals and prisons.

Cat Chadwick's Career

Currently shaping the future of healthcare as a Senior Lecturer in Mental Health Nursing, Cat not only equips aspiring nurses with the knowledge to excel but also enhances the skills of post-registration nurses through her Clinical Risk Management courses.

Cat's advisory portfolio is notably eclectic, providing insights on:

  • Community Mental Health Dynamics, ranging from primary care to hospital liaison services and emergency crisis teams.

  • Operational nuances of inpatient Mental Health Wards.

  • Complex forensic environments including secure facilities and prisons.

Cat Chadwick's Experience as an Expert Witness

A Medico-Legal Expert in Mental Health Nursing since 2018, Cat offers balanced perspectives on both Claimant and Defendant cases, including those within Scotland's and Ireland’s legal frameworks. She proudly holds Membership of the Expert Witness Institute (MEWI) and contributes her expertise to the Nursing and Midwifery Council, particularly in Fitness to Practise cases.

The Common Elements of Cat's Mental Health / Psychiatrist Cases

In Cat's extensive experience, a recurring element in Mental Health Nursing Medico-Legal cases is the critical evaluation of clinical risk assessment and management. She often encounters instances where risk assessments are superficial, and documentation fails to capture the clinician's due diligence, a significant factor in establishing clinical negligence.

Post-discharge periods pose the highest risk for individuals, and Cat emphasises that failures in discharge planning and community follow-up are common themes in her consultations.

A particular area of Cat’s expertise and experience involves cases surrounding tragic instances where individuals, under the care of mental health services, have unfortunately taken their own lives (suicide). In these sensitive situations, families often contend that the care provided fell short of what was reasonably expected. Cat brings her extensive knowledge to bear in these cases, examining the standards of care administered by mental health professionals, and providing informed opinions on the adequacy of the treatments and interventions offered.

Mental health cases are inherently complex, often mired in diagnostic ambiguities and individualised care challenges. Cat approaches each case with a meticulous, holistic methodology, ensuring that every unique patient narrative is thoroughly considered.




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